Emergency Maintenance Notifcations

August 26th 01:36 PM EST US East Network Issue / Packetloss and High Latency

Dear Clients,There is currently a networking issue – a fiber cut – affecting our US East location. We have contacted our connection provider and they will provide an update when they obtain new information.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may be causing you and your group.

We will update this news post as we gather any new information on the matter.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE#3: 26-Aug-2014 19:58 UTC (Aug 26, 2014 03:58PM EDT)
We have received an update from the provider that Fiber crews will need to replace 2500 – 3000 ft of cable. The new fiber reel is en route and the crews are expecting to have the new cable spliced by 2014-08-27 2:00 UTC.

UPDATE#2: 26-Aug-2014 17:31 UTC (Aug 26, 2014 01:31PM EDT)
Information from our datacenter provider:
As of 26-Aug-2014 17:26 UTC, all of links between WDC01 went WDC02 went offline, briefly isolating customer servers and customer virtual server instances in WDC01 from the rest of internet and our other datacenters for 6 minutes.

Network staff are investigating, however at this time we are still operating with reduced redundancy/capacity in the WDC01 datacenter.

UPDATE#1: 26-Aug-2014 16:48 UTC (Aug 26, 2014 12:48PM EDT)
Information from our datacenter provider:
As of 26-Aug-2014 15:47, multiple redundant links between the Datacneter Aggregation Routers (DAR) in WDC01 and the Backbone routers in WDC02 (BBR) are offline.

The Networking team is working with the provider to restore service to the affected links as quickly as possible. However, the provider has identified that a fiber cut is responsible and that technicians have been dispatched to correct the issue.

Due to the reduction in overall network capacity between WDC01 and backbone network, while these links are out of service customers may experience higher than normal network latency and some packet loss from customer server and/or customer virtual server instance in the WDC01 PODs.

Traffic between customer servers and customer virtual server instances within WDC01 datacenter is unaffected.


I couldn’t stop breather after playing a couple matches of this game. Rodney, Spencer, Harrison and I were laughing way too much with the outcome of my vehicle.

49 inch 4K TV for 640?

Yes, this is true. You will be able to afford a 4K TV for CN¥3,999 or about $640, without breaking an arm and a leg.

Xiaomi announced their new product, affordable solution to 4K TVs. It is a Chinese product, but they are known for well built hardware. The TV has a built-in Android OS with a MIUI TV skin. Specs wise, it has a 4k 3D from either LG or CSOT, a pretty thin bezel, 6,2mm. Inside, they have a MediaTek MStar 6A918 chip (1.45GHz quad core cpu and Mali-450 MP4 gpu) and 2GB of memorie. It offers 8GB of space and you can add up to 64GB via microSD.

The TV come with a Bluetooth LE remote compared to the infrared ones. You can also install an app on your phone to control the TV with buttons, gestures or voice.

To keep the TV thin, the team decided to include the speakers in a separate box. It comes with a wired audio bar and a bluetooth subwoofer. Which you can sync with you bluetooth devices.

In the end, if  it’s available in North America, I know I will be getting it, just because the price is so low.

House of Duty!

When I got in at work, I had an hour before I actually started working. So I went on youtube and I saw something strange and something I hate. The new Call of Duty. Even though I’ve played them in the past, they got repetitive pretty fast and I’ve stopped playing them after Modern Warfare 2.

But this one caught my eye really fast. One word: RAILGUN!
After watching the preview over and over again, the game looks pretty damn interesting and nice visually.
Also, after earring the dialogue in the trailer, it sounded good, better than the previous. From the sound of it, politics are heavily involved with this new one and from the rumors, the game takes place in an alternate universe, so they wont be limited with current situations, politics and views. The trailer also shows that it takes place in the future, but since its a alternate universe, it could be current time for them.

Giant mechs, exoskeleton suits, railguns, what more do you want?!
I will be checking out more of this addition to the franchise.

Here’s the trailer if you missed it.

New commenting system

So I’ve added Disqus as the main commenting system on the site now.

You wont need to register to the site to post a comment, just login to your Disqus account or register for one and start posting!

I will play around with the Disqus plugin to make it look nicer on the site, but that will be in a while. so just stay tuned for it!

Blade and Soul!

So I started playing Blade and Soul on the Chinese server. Why? Because I can and it’s free 😛

At the moment, it’s just my sister, my brother and myself. Harrison and Ricky have it installed and hopefully we can play together soon!

Here’s a link to the a forum on how to make an account and how to install the game on your pc: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/14842-chinas-server-faq-and-i-need-help-thread/

If you need any help after all that, let me know!


Looks like the site was hacked….. I do not know when, but I already contacted Dreamhost about it and I am waiting for the results…

The main sites that were affected were: elite-peeps.net, oekaki.elite-peeps.net, hontai.elite-peeps.net and http://hontaishi.elite-peeps.net/

I already fixed this one, hontai and hontaishi, but the oekaki, I do not have the index page for that one and I do not know where to get the files for that site. I will inform Johnny about it so he can help me out.

I will keep you guys posted.



I just logged in the ftp, I found a log and…..there is a lot of files I need to fix or delete… time to work on it!


So after deleting cleaning some files. I also deleted a few domains, since we don’t really use them.
I might need to reinstall wordpress again, just in case, to make sure there aren’t any backdoors left, but we will see.

Here Comes the Blockbusters – Summer Movies!

Summer is almost here, like most people we enjoy it for the sun, ice cream, and beautiful weather. But also, summer is the time for exciting blockbuster movies.

What movies are you guys excited for this summer? I’m definitely looking forward to “Man of Steel”. Every-time I watch this trailer I get a huge smile on my face: