Looks like the site was hacked….. I do not know when, but I already contacted Dreamhost about it and I am waiting for the results…

The main sites that were affected were: elite-peeps.net, oekaki.elite-peeps.net, hontai.elite-peeps.net and http://hontaishi.elite-peeps.net/

I already fixed this one, hontai and hontaishi, but the oekaki, I do not have the index page for that one and I do not know where to get the files for that site. I will inform Johnny about it so he can help me out.

I will keep you guys posted.



I just logged in the ftp, I found a log and…..there is a lot of files I need to fix or delete… time to work on it!


So after deleting cleaning some files. I also deleted a few domains, since we don’t really use them.
I might need to reinstall wordpress again, just in case, to make sure there aren’t any backdoors left, but we will see.