House of Duty!

When I got in at work, I had an hour before I actually started working. So I went on youtube and I saw something strange and something I hate. The new Call of Duty. Even though I’ve played them in the past, they got repetitive pretty fast and I’ve stopped playing them after Modern Warfare 2.

But this one caught my eye really fast. One word: RAILGUN!
After watching the preview over and over again, the game looks pretty damn interesting and nice visually.
Also, after earring the dialogue in the trailer, it sounded good, better than the previous. From the sound of it, politics are heavily involved with this new one and from the rumors, the game takes place in an alternate universe, so they wont be limited with current situations, politics and views. The trailer also shows that it takes place in the future, but since its a alternate universe, it could be current time for them.

Giant mechs, exoskeleton suits, railguns, what more do you want?!
I will be checking out more of this addition to the franchise.

Here’s the trailer if you missed it.