It’s the Middle of the Week…

Half-way through the week till a well deserved weekend for all of you (except me, working 24/7). Also, thanks a lot to Sukaru Kiddo for doing so much awesome work with the website. EP will be at the top of the internet in no-time!

Here is something to keep you going till the weekend, weekend:

Streaming section


The streaming section is now working, took around 2 hours to make it look like the way I wanted it to be and now it’s looking mighty fine 😀

If you want me to add you on the list, I would need the player and chat embed separately.

Also, if I say I’ll be doing some coding at a really late hour, please stop me, because I can’t code for shit at that hour >>;;

Imageboard changes

So after using ochiba a bit, it was a nice script, but needed more options and easier to use, so I will try kusaba and give it a try, hopefully it will be the last change in the imageboard section, sorry to the people who posted 🙁

Oekaki updates

Alrighty, after a few hours of playing around to update the oekaki, it’s finally up and running, but you will need to reset your password, if you don’t receive an email to change your password, let me know and I’ll do it manually.

Time to relax after all this work, woo!